Why upg

Hello together. I rided the strongman today in the c categorie 3.2-3.9 ( normally iam a b rider) . I finished with 3.5 w/kg. Please can u prove the results because i rided with the wish to get counted in the ranking list. Thanks a lot. Greetz Jan

Because of the rules of the race. The race used ZwiftPower category overrides and according to your ZwiftPower profile you are a B rider. So even if you didn’t go over the category w/kg range you were filtered because you raced in the wrong category based on your ZwiftPower profile.


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Read the rules for the races you want ride.
Generally - you are B (> 3.2 W/kg), start B.

In the last Races of strongman, i did the same. No problems. All the c riders in the race were b riders on zwiftpower.

The Race categories were others.

Maybe so but look at my post where I screen shot the info from the race you talk about. This week it was set to use ZwiftPower categories. On ZwiftPower you are a B Category rider. That is why you got “UPG”.


So does this mean the OP was correct and the race does not follow Zwift power category?

Lot of folks missing you Sticky.

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It does not have a race organiser on Zwiftpower to moderate the results.

It’s using bespoke categories not available in ZP so clashes with default settings used.

I was disabling category enforcement each week to remove the UPG’s.


Just curious - is it possible to use any other letters/numbers or combinations for the categories when setting the race parameters?
It is always A-B-… why not for example SM1-SM2-… for Strongman?
For me that would mean the cats are not the same as ZP uses, read the event description.

Sorry sticky…my english isnt very good. Are u so friendly to give me a result on zp. Next time i will ride in the b category. Thanks a lot

I no longer have any Zwiftpower Admin rights.

Thanks for your answer. Do u know who can help me?

Email zwiftpower@zwift.com

Thank u steve

The last 4 weekly Strongman events have the same issue despite the issue being reported on the forums.

And what happened with the riders? Its not fair that they are maybe the losers of the system. When there are races on zwift, zwift must have rules that no one is able to do what it want to.

Maybe u are so friendly to change me in the b categorie. It was the silver place…i think this is fair and sportly. Thanks.

tagging @xflintx to make sure he knows about this issue

Hi Guys
Reviving an old thread. I did the Specialized Roval Climbing Challenge this morning. I did the D event(Innsbruck). Zwiftpower gave me no result, just an UPG, as I am a B rider. But the A,B,C and D rides are all open categories, and does not relate to power categories, just routes. Is there a fix for that?