UPG on a race but within the w/kg range?

Hi Zwift,

Got a UPG on ZP for a race but fall within the range for the signup category? Why is that?

It was the 111 - Strongman Series (1300 GMT)

Entered © 3.2 - 3.9w/kg. Average was 3.2 for the race in the end.

Here’s the race:

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Because categories are based on 95% of 20 minute average power, not average for the whole race. Your 20 minute average was 3.5w/kg for that race, hence the UPG.


Race is using non-standard cats. So A is 5w/kg, B is 4-5w/kg, C is 3.2-3.9w/kg. OP is a normal B rider but I assume OP entered C because that is how the cats were setup. But the race wasn’t setup properly on ZP so he’s been UPG for riding in C cat and it’s happened to a lot of other racers too.

This is exactly the kind of thing that Sticky would fix. But he’s been sent to the farm. So you deal with it now Zwift.


Ahh yes, it seems I fail on reading comprehension.

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Cheers @Aoi_Niigaki yes, just checked the Filtered List too. You’re spot on. Shame about Sticky.

@shooj @Zwift_GP1 do you guys fix this now? It would make 46 racers happy :wink:

Screenshot 2021-01-24 at 11.35.17|368x500

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no problem, thanks anyway @Deda_Zero

@Zwift while you’re at it, could you please fix these two group rides as well:

Thank you.

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Still not fixed. Sticky needs to disable category restrictions for this race like he does every week. If he no longer exists, this race needs to be modified. Its been a week and now the next race is tomorrow. I got an ok finish last week except for my UPG DQ. For tomorrow, do I race a category up or try again and hope Zwift will fix it. Its the only somewhat long race on Saturday morning. =(

I would be happy if they moved the race to standard power categories to stop this issue or start a new 40+ mile race with zwift power categories. Even better would be a weekly 6am Saturday Texas time 100k race would be perfect.

@Shawn_O_Neill7954 Man, that’s a shame. UPG (for no reason) after such a long race is rubbish. Just seen today’s race in the listing again too. Laughed at the screen. Won’t be signing up for that ever again. Race selection aside…

You’re right about disabling category restrictions. Since moving to Zwift Forums - the responses from Zwift on this forum aren’t great… that said, just double-checked I wasn’t doing some wrong here… and just seen noted what @shooj has put on a post about ‘your own results’

There is a link on there to a form for appealing results. Will try that…! Screenshot because I can’t add a web link to this post? :thinking:

Screenshot 2021-02-06 at 12.22.22|643x500

Sticky cannot do anything anymore… no comment…