Upgraded my self to C, and still flagged UPG

I know I screwed something up, but can’t find where. I did my first C race today and am still flagged UPG. No way I should be in B’s. Looking at my last 3 avg w/kg, it’s 2.37. Anyone have an idea what’s going on?

You have an UPG DQ on your 2nd to last ride (you entered Cat D likely after you had changed to Cat C) but the most recent race hasnt had processing complete yet so no tags are currently applied.

Note that Zwiftpower are doing some funky stuff in the background to fix a major problem they have had with processing results so your initial view may well have been a UPG, but wait till all results are processed (always give ZP at least 24hrs) to see where your results land.

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Yea,that seems to make sense. I probably just jumped the gun a bit since ZP has seemed so instantaneous to me, at least in the past. I think everything looks ok now, and am still glad I upgraded.

Live data will go up pretty much straight away (the green lightning bolt shows that it is using live data) but the fit file (blue lightning bolt) which has correct data is part of processing that takes later on. Zwift say to wait up to 6 hours (when they dont have issues) but I try not to be too enthusiastic till the following day.

In January my trainer lost it’s optical tape, so no resistance. I did some rides and unfortunately pumped out very high power outputs. That jacked up my ZP calculated FTP now causing me to be forced into CAT A. I am a CAT C on my best day. How do I return this to a normal setting?

You can send an email to Zwift power and explain the issue and which dates need to be removed.
There’s another issue.
You weren’t just riding, you were racing.
Zwift power only counts your top 3 race or group results, not free rides.
The difference between C and A is not accidental.
You should have immediately realized your power was crazy high for you and dropped out.
Racers bear some responsibility to ensure the results are correct.


Thank you. It was my fault entirely. Pure ignorance. I didn’t even know ZP was a thing for months into using the platform. Appreciate the feedback

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