CE vs ZP, which takes precedence?

I recently competed in a B race which had category enforcement and was DQed despite being able to sign up. I though CE took precedence over ZP. On ZP I am a very low A (average=4.04). I also checked after the ride and it appears I can still sign up for B races using CE, so it wasn’t something that occurred during todays race that sent it over.

I know the two systems use different thresholds but hoping for some clarity on which takes precedence so I can avoid future DQs and ensure I am racing within all rules. Also, I only signed up for B because there were only 3 As and I did not realize it was a mass start event otherwise I would have signed up for A.

Thanks for any help or information or perhaps linking to one of the thousands of threads on CE that probably answers this question. :blush:

My ZP id is 4658861

That must be an error in the setup of the race in ZP.

Any idea how to fix? Haven’t won a race in months and need the ego boost with that little gold trophy

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You have to contact the organiser - think his name is Mark? and floats around the forums sometimes. But @James_Zwift will point you in the right direction. Or you can try via FB but I’ve never got a response from them there.

FYI, I’m seeing that a lot on 3R CE races also with ZP dq’s - of the last 10 3R races with 20+ riders, 6 had ZP dq’s but I’m guessing they are all setup the same way so not just a one-off.

Note that a few organisers do set their events up that way but they make sure folks are aware (VirtuSlo for eg).

Hi colin, a few race organisers are (wisely imo) choosing to enforce ZP category in CE races because of a flaw in the CE system… i would just race your ZP cat even in CE races for now. you can probably appeal directly to the race organiser if you are a legitimate edge case but i’m not sure who, if anyone, is actively running 3R races. you might be able to get in touch with 3R via facebook

edit: marc swatton runs 3R, contact him

great idea :+1:

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Couldnt agree more.

I’m doing the Sweatfest series that purposely use ZP WKG with CE as well. More organisers should get behind this. Zwift should just flick this switch for all races.

Pens based on ranking would be even better though.

Thanks everybody! Results based categories can’t come soon enough to avoid all the confusion, but what would we talk about on the internet once it’s implemented is an open question.

This negatively impacts people (like me haha) that have lost fitness over 60 days and have dropped a category in CE but not ZP.

I personally do not apply UPG/WKG limits in Category Enforced races, but if I was running a Community series (ie not ZRacing) I would remove people from results that were obviously in the wrong category but not apply a blanket rule.

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ZwiftPower - Login @James_Zwift what do you think of that race for the D group.

Something no worky

Wasn’t there a bizarre “rule” brought in mid to late summer regarding CE, where you wouldn’t be reassigned pens if CE improved by approx 20%+ after a session?

So if an A rider plodded for 2Km+ on their first Zwift ride after riding outside all summer, they get a CE safely in D, then they do a spicy A-rated race performance but don’t get moved.

No, I made us change this to 50% (it might have been higher, I can’t remember)

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