This race seems to have all types of category issues in Cat D.

Race - 2/8/23 at 16:10

4 out of the Top 6 are all over the w/kg limit and one rider is recorded as C while another C, almost B.

How are they even allowed to enter?

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ZP Cats/rules do not apply as it’s a CE based race - so if their past 60 day Zwift history allows them to join a Category, they can race in it.


Doesn’t CE mean category enforced?

it does but if their last 60 days history puts them in cat d they can race in that cat. if they have further races 60-90 days old that put them a cat higher on zp this won’t effect them.

Not sure why CE uses 60 days and ZP 90 days but it does make things confusing

Category Enforcement uses all Zwift activities over the past 60 days to try and predict your “zFTP,” how much power you can put out over 40min+ efforts. Based on your zFTP W/Kg and your 6min zMAP, CE specifies the which pens you can join.

If you exceed the zFTP and/or zMAP thresholds for a pen during a race/TT, the results stands, but you will be excluded from that pen going forward, for the next 60 days.

It’s likely they won’t be able to enter D again, so shouldn’t have any impact on the overall General Classification.

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Yea but it still throws off the groove off the race. I don’t really race these for the overall classification. I want to perform 100% and work to win on the given day. And if I’m working at 2.3 and the guy beating me is 2.7, he shouldn’t be in the same race.

I just don’t understand why if you’re marked C, you’re allowed to enter D. And if you’re over the w/kg, you just aren’t simply disqualified.

I feel like in 2020/2021 it was much easier to understand. I could literally read a result and tell who would be booted. Now it seems much more complicated.

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I’m afraid that I don’t have the resources to manually check every single event to ensure that people are definitely racing out of category.

I already update the league standings about 2-3 times a day, including weekends and holidays.

They are people who were listed as D in terms of Category Enforcement - Ignore what Zwiftpower says. However this could mean that they have done no activities in the last 60 days other than some free riding. Technically they entered the correct category.

It’s also a really short stage. I race in C and averaged 3.42.

So to me, that would tell me you should race B on a short day. No?

Me for instance, I’m heavier (bodybuilder) so in a short day, I could race C or even maybe B on a super short stage, which I have done. But my endurance over 20 min no way. At least not currently. But my category currently is high D so that’s where I go. If I knew I would do over 2.5 on any day I’d go C.

I appreciate the input. Trying my best to understand what is calculated and how. And now I somewhat get it. It’s really based on the formula. Not so much the number or cat like in the past.

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No, my FTP still sits within C, both from a Zwiftpower and Category Enforcement point of view. Category Enforcement has my zFTP at around 3.3 (the cut off is 3.36) and my three race average is 3.1 on Zwiftpower (noting I completed the stage in just under 20 minutes, or this would have been about 3.18).

The formula is still based on numbers - check out The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App and it’ll show you your power numbers and there more information available here: Category Enforcement FAQ

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So it’s no longer 2.4 D and 3.1 C?

This is helpful thank you.

It never was :slight_smile:

D (in Zwiftpower) is the average of your best 3 20 minute efforts up to 2.49w/kg (with C starting at 2.5).

On Category Enforcement, the cut off is 2.625.

I know. It’s confusing.

Ahhh so it’s different on CE. Never knew this.

Confusing yes but now I know!