Category Enforcement - ?riders entering above Cat but listed as winning correct (lower) Cat?

A question regarding Cat Enforcement racing:
If a rider enters the event at a higher level (say B >3.2 w/kg) and starts with that group and drafts off the group at the upper w/kg limit of their actual Cat (say C =<3.1 w/kg) so are not power restricted - are they listed as the (likely) ‘winner’ of the lower correct Cat? even though they didn’t race one second of the event against the Cat C riders.
I think I experienced this in a KISS Cat Enforcement race this week. I didn’t see the two riders who placed 1st and 2nd in the results at any stage in front of me or the C group (starting in different pens). I assume they were in the B cat pen and Zwift still lists them in their “correct” lower Cat C.
Anyone else experienced this?

I don’t fully understand. But there’s a difference between Zwift power and category enforcement.

Interesting, so you’re saying that the 1st/2nd place finishers were never visible in your race from the start and just appeared in the standings as the winners? There are only 5 listed riders in C cat for the race you’re referring to, so makes it unlikely they were lost in a blob of other people at the start. However, I don’t think CE would ever move a rider down to a lower cat’s results after the fact.

no, if you start in B then your result will be as a B

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Check out the screen shots of others in your race. The two you are asking about are shown as C group and were 24 seconds up the road after 18 minutes. They appear to have ridden strongly together for the next hour before one dropped the other.

As John W says the odd thing is that you didn’t see them go from a bunch of what looks like around just 10 at the start.

Edit: you seem to have all been together after 10 minutes, any chance you had an internet drop out and lost sight of all other riders for a minute or two?

Thanks for the replies everyone. Perhaps my attention just didn’t see them at the pens or ride off hard to catch the Bs. Sounds most likely. All good, thanks again.

Yeah, no - different query. But cheers.