Race grading

I raced in C grade and have been categorised into B grade. There is no way I can race in that grade and is no point me racing anymore. I like racing but I really don’t care if I win or loose as it is fun. How do I get to go back to C grade again.

If you are now a Zwiftpower B (decided by W/Kg average of your best three 95% of 20mins races), then you might be waiting up to 90 days, it depends how long ago one of your current best three performances happened and if the performance it is replaced with drops you back under the 3.2W/Kg average.

If you are now a Category Enforcement B, you could be waiting for up to 60 days. This system upgrades you based on one single performance from any session in Zwift, not just races. However, an oddity of this system means that some riders can demote themselves by putting in a stronger approx 2-3min effort.

Being at the bottom of a category isn’t going to be fun regardless of the category. That said, you picked the wrong race today. 3R races don’t separate the categories. In your race today, the B riders took off w/the A riders. Had they been separated, the B’s might have been slower or easier. Also the B riders that finished the race are not barely B riders.

As @Steve_Clowes mentioned, you’ll need to wait for specific races to drop off the record so to speak. 90d for ZP, which looks to be end of July for you, assuming you don’t do any more B level efforts between now and then!

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These 2 things seem directly contradictory to each other. If you genuinely “really don’t care”, just get on with it in B and don’t be bothered if you lose.


Racing at the bottom of the cat is always tough but could just mean a better race selection next time.

I’m bottom of category and found with new cat enforcement the races are much better. I can hang with the group for quite a while or until the inclines start. Depending how new to racing you are the draft can take some getting used to.

There are also some series that do split categories, generally private events so you’ll need to join a team. Another option is TTT events.

Either way I would not suggest sitting on the sidelines waiting to drop category as soon enough as you get their you’ll do a hard race again and find yourself back up if you have the power.

Hey, thanks for all the replies, I will just chip away. Have a nice day or night.

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Whilst this may be factually correct, why keep publicising it (not you personally); it simply appeases the sandbaggers and cruisers. The whole point of CE is to stop people manipulating their power to choose a (racing) category which is relatively easy for them :pleading_face:


This is unlikely to work for the vast (vasstttt) majority of riders. Just because technically it is possible if certain efforts of other durations are completely missing, and it is possible to hack the calculation to make it happen, does not mean it is actually achievable without cheating (faking your power numbers).

Yeah, all it is doing is giving the calculation more data. If doing shorter efforts lowers your CP and puts you in a lower category, then that’s where you belong. The only way it’s gaming the system is if you somehow only do certain types of efforts in just the right way so that it results in that. Pretty tough to do I think without some considerable planning and effort (or lack of :laughing:).

Anyone that wants to go to those lengths - well good on ya I guess.

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Exactly :ok_hand:

And I would add going thru all that effort to game the system to get downgraded only to do your first race in the lower cat and getting a upgrade because you now have a proper curve yet again. LOL