Contesting Race Results with Zwift Power?

I feel gross even writing that title because I’m not mad about it, just curious.  I raced in a WBR “C” race this morning and was able to get into and hold on to the As and Bs for a while before eventually drifting into neverland, riding solo for the final lap.  Because of the gap I’d built riding in the group of stronger riders, I was able to maintain my “lead” over the other C riders.  My final W/KG was 3.36, which is above the prescribed 3.23 for the C group.  Does this mean because I rode above that level my results are negated?  Additionally, does this mean I have to make the dreaded move to Bs?  In my defense, this is the first time I’ve averaged over 3.0 W/KG for any event.


Thanks for your help and responses!



Your ride will not be negated Jack but it will be recommended you ride in Cat B from here. It’s not compulsory but you will be reminded to ride in B each time you achieve similar w/kg.

Stay in C for the moment until you feel you are ready, and ZwiftPower recommends, constantly, that you upgrade to Cat B.

In some events, If you ride above your C w/kg you will automatically be pushed into the B results and assigned Cat B status.

This is pretty much how I went from C to B.

Ride On! 

Makes perfect sense, Paul.  Thanks for the response!