Catergory enforcement

Hi I am returning pre ZRL and haven’t raced since may. I have no ranking but the races all want me to race A which I am not. How can I enter data to let the system know I’m still very much a low B!!!

do a free ride

If you don’t have any activity in Zwift for the previous 90 days, you can race in pace group E if it’s available. Or, you can do some activities in Zwift to build up your data in order that we can calculate your minimum pace group.

I think some also means just one activity. Just go out and do a ride on Zwift. You may be assigned a Category C or D but that doesn’t stop you racing in Cat B. Your first hard race in B will probably then assign you a B Cat.

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please dont be that guy who go into the C or D, 1 to 2 w/kg over the limit.

it’ll adjust itself as soon as you do a ride, any ride. it just defaults to A when you haven’t been on in 90 days. oh, i think the ride has to be at least two minutes long though

If you want an accurate categorization just do any hard ride. Of course a race in A would be hard so that’s not a bad option for one ride, if you don’t want to do a free ride or workout. If you pick an event that has the E category that’s an option as well, but you might very well race alone which might be less fun than racing the As.

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Agree. Since it’s been awhile, consider just doing a baseline ftp test (not ramp), such as:

ht tps://