Post-Race: [3R Sand & Sequoias - 1 Lap (20km/12.5mi 173m) - RACE DATE - February 24 15:30]

Hi everyone.
I raced yesterday in the 3R Sand & Sequoias - 1 Lap (20km/12.5mi 173m) race in cat B since that was my category in Zwiftpower until yesterday afternoon.
I raced well, after a few days off, and I managed to average more watts than lately, that is, more in line with my old self.
I finished 11th and 2nd in B cat.
Unfortunately, on the Zwiftpower results page, I’m listed as WKG which I don’t get.
I also notice that I’m now listed as a A racer, which I was before.
Would it be possible to correct this? I understand that I seemed to average too much Wkg for B but is it possible then to put me back in A? I raced fairly, and didn’t cheat in anyway. Everyone is welcome to see my Strava profile with IRL watts.
Thank you all!

Hi @Marko_MMM

Welcome to the forum.

Looking at Zwift power it look like you are now a Cat A.


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Well yes, @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ I do understand that, but then, I thought I would automatically upgraded in the results in the A category! Wouldn’t that be possible!
Thanks for your answer!