Post-Race: [The Alpe Dash by Herd Racing League - 4/4/2021]

The winner of the B category shows as a Minimum A category racer in Zwift power.

Hi @Art_Vandelay, are you importing or exporting?

Is this the race you are referring to?

The winner of the B cat was under 4.0 w/kg and is rated as a B (almost A). He is right on the cusp, but looks legit to me.

Sorry, the 10:00 AM EST race.

Unable to include a link.

this one?

Winner of B was within cat limits I believe, but is rated as an A so shouldn’t be racing in the B cat. It also looks like he is using zPower (speed sensor on classic trainer) not using a smart trainer or power meter.

Thanks for looking into it.

So considering all that, are the results going to stand?

Results are correct - this race was the one that put him into Cat A. His top 3 avg of [qualifying] events prior was a hair under 4.0w/kg and so would have been a B (almost A) at race start.

ZPower is not excluded in this event though his recent events since Cat reset suggest his HR/power is consistent with his new trainer, imo.