Zwift power results

hi all,

just wondering.
i did a race this morning at 7.30 am 21 april 2020 to test out the legs.
on zwift i came 6th which was fine.
when to zwift power an hours later to check this and i had come 4th which was great as i just wanted to see where is was at.
but i look at the other 3 people ahead of me and there cat a+ b groups
it was a c cat race i entered

whats up with that


Hi @Michael_walsh7025, welcome to the forums, I wasn’t able to find your race, can you post a link from zwiftpower?

hi mike

thanks for that

please find the link

The Groups was not based on power but on distance

From the description:


Choose a group based on the distance you want to ride. All groups will be the same open pace, only the distance is different.


A Group
WORLD: Richmond
ROUTE: UCI Worlds Course
DISTANCE: 48.9 km // 30.3 miles
ELEVATION PER LAP: 142m // 467ft

B Group
WORLD: Richmond
ROUTE: UCI Worlds Course
DISTANCE: 32.5 km // 20.2 miles
ELEVATION PER LAP: 142m // 467ft

C Group
WORLD: Richmond
ROUTE: UCI Worlds Course
DISTANCE: 16.3km // 10.1 miles
ELEVATION PER LAP: 142m // 467ft

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Yeah, what @Gerrie_Delport said. These are essentially open cat races where all cats start at the same time in the same race. The only difference was the amount of laps.

BTW, Zwiftpower has you ranked as a cat B racer, so you should enter the B cat for the normal races 3.2 - 3.9 w/kg.


hi all

thanks for that just checking it out
i am down as a cat c and its saying almost b cat on my profile on zwift power.

thanks for the help


No, you are clearly a B




hi all

it must of only change after the race
because it was saying cat c (almost cat b)
i better get more training in now thank o god!!!
thank for the help

ill be killed in cat b race


that all depends on the type of race, you did really well on the race today, one lap of richmond. Once the sandbagging controls get rolled out and all the cat A’s are not in cat B you will do fine.


hey thanks

with covid 19 i have been training more.
just wanted to test the legs out see where im at.
hard course … but a great one to race on

thanks for the help
so i guess ill be signing up to b cat races now :frowning: :joy:

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