C Cat on Zwift Power can't enter C races


Sorry if this is obvious but I cannot see it anywhere. I’m down as C Cat but cannot enter C cat races. I’m slowly recovering from a long layoff, I was a happy B cat a year ago.

Any help, obvious remarks, etc appreciated, once again sorry if this is plain as day to most folks.



Category Enforcement races don’t use the old ZwiftPower best of 20 minute power rules. See this thread for all the answers.

Mike Rowe,

Thanks for that. I did read it and didn’t understand that much of it, but I guess Zwift puts you in the Cat you belong in, right?

I’ll ignore the Zwiftpower C cat label ; )

Yes, based on your efforts over the past 60 days.

Thanks Mike,

At the risk of boring you, is it normal that lighter riders, such as myself at 64kg, post bigger numbers on routes with significant hills? I can’t put down the same power on flats it seems.

yes, from a w/kg point of view you will have much better performance on hills than heavier riders. Look for races that include bigger climbs to play to your strengths.

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Much appreciated.

I wonder if you smaRt trainer is overestimating the power on the climbs or underestimating on the flats…you should hit the same power numbers on the flat as on the hill. Check you HR bpm and test 5mins on a climb and 5 mins on a flat at the same HR (Tempo at around 90% of your FTHR)

With Dual recording would be easier to check.

Thanks Dejan,

That’s a great idea. I do have a power crank so I could also record this separately (That’s the ‘dual recording’ you mentioned, maybe?)


It can also be that you are running out of gears on the flat road.

That is perfect.

Check this video instructions on how to use dual recording on https://zwiftpower.com/

Record your Crank Powermeter to your Bike Computer…i use dual recording for every ride :wink:

Let me know what the outcome will be…RIDE ON!