Crit City Race with Category Enforcement (2022-04-22 00:45:00)

Tried to post my comment in ZwiftPower but the forum for the race was not taking comments. In looking at ZwiftPower please review the D category. All but one of the racers 95% power ratings for 20 minutes look correct for the cat. I am wondering if the algorithm needs tweaking.


Is it the person who only has 2 races total so far? If so, this race (their second) was a much stronger showing than their first from a power perspective, and will probably put them out of D cat for their next Cat Enforced event.

Which time zone?

This one I think. Not sure what the OP is trying to point out.

Yeah, I’m not seeing anyone there who shouldn’t have been able to enter D. There’s one that did a C performance and subsequently upgraded but there’s no way to stop that from happening.

That’s the only one I saw as well I believe. It looked like they would be upgraded for their next race which is fine.

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So after there are a sufficient number of races under ones belt then the cat enforcement will really start to kick in? I am ok with that.


It just needs one activity in a 60 day period. But realistically one at race pace.

I know there’s a Cat E that’s coming for new riders who’ve never ridden on Zwift before in any type of manner (over 20 mins) – do I have that right? Or will Cat E be for Zwifters who’ve never specifically entered entered a race before?

Category E will exist for

a) Anyone that wants to enter it
b) People without a category (ie no activities in a 60 day period)

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