Post-Race [The Alpe Dash by Herd Racing League - 20 Jan 2021]

At least two riders in the top 4 of the B Category exceeded 4.1 w/kg and 250 watts at 95% of 20 min power. In both examples they were over 300 watts. Is this OK for Cat B?

A link/ID to the race would be nice, can’t see any such race being done on the 20th

Found a race from 24th where 3 from top 4 got UPG or WPK (zid=1569786)

Sorry, I thought that was the required subject line.


The race was on Sunday 24th

Winner is below 250W @95%, 3rd Is within the 0,1 tolerance @95, not sure about 2nd and 4th

The other two havent met the 3 races (or 5) over the threshold - FAQ explains it [here]

Nothing to be concerned about @Art_Vandelay

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Thanks for looking!

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