Race DQ

(Bret Wilks Icc) #1

Race DQ question…

I’ve just completed the SZR ITT
Cat B 3.2 - 4 w/kg
HRM used
Power meter not ZP

My average w/kg was bang on 4w/kg and placed 2nd in Cat B but I’ve been DQ’d??? Could anyone explain to me why?

I can’t obide cheats so I’d like to know how I can validate my result :+1:t3:


(Gerrie Delport) #2

are you referring to Zwift power.

It can be that your avr was 4.01w/kg but it don’t show in the display.

(Bret Wilks Icc) #3

Not Zwift Power. Was using a Power meter.

Bit of a bummer if my DQ is because of 0.1 of a watt!!!


(Nigel Doyle) #4

Brett, the results on the filter page show your avg watts as 4.2. Your 95% of 20 minute power was 4.0 watts/kg. It’s all automated so once you hit the number, bang you’re dq. You may have to consider moving up to the A grade or enter races with less harsh conditions e.g. races with just w/kg limits rather than auto dq as was the case in this race. I think you’ll then get automatically bumped up a grade if you exceed the limit with w/kg limits only.

(Bret Wilks Icc) #5

Thanks for the detailed explanation Nigel.

If that’s the case then I probably should have raced a bit smarter. Don’t think I’m Cat A quite yet…I’d be hanging on for dear life!!!

Thanks again

(Gerrie Delport) #6

@Bret_Wilks_ICC: If you have to “race smarter” to stay in a category then you need to upgrade. That is called sandbagging. Sorry if this sound hard but this is how i see it.
If it was me i would upgrade, it will be better training if you race against the top guys.

(Devin Knickerbocker2522) #7

Guys, what does the W/KG limit refer to? Is that what you expect your W/KG to be for the duration of the race? Or, is it your most recent FTP value? Sounds like it’s your value for the duration of the race, but curious how people who are borderline would judge it.

And yes @Bret_Wilks_ICC i agree with Gerrie above: if you’re first or second place in B, it means you’re actually A.

If it makes you feel any better, i’m also a low A, so when i join races i also will be getting smoked by the high-As (at least for a while right???)

(Gerrie Delport) #8

So Zwift power will look at your best power over ant 20 min in the race. Then they will take 95% of that and that will give your w/kg at FTP. So if you do a GOOD FTP test you should take that number and divide it by your weight. so If your FTP is 300w and you weigh 100kg then your w/kg is 3w/kg so you are a C.

See below Zwift power will list your 95% power (ftp w/kg) and it also list your 20min power. DQ happen on the 95% number.


(Devin Knickerbocker2522) #9

THanks! Very good to know :slight_smile: