Noob racing question - correct thread

I posted this in the General thread but guessed this was right place.

Hi, I’ve read you need to race in certain categories (your level) , do you get your category by doing a FTP test ?

I’ve also got an Elite Real Muin B+ turbo trainer, I think I’ve read the power readings aren’t accurate so your results don’t count and you’re disqualified, I’m not too bothered by winning (which won’t happen anyway) I’d be using as another incentive to get fit and vary the riding on Zwift - is that the case regarding this trainer ?

Yes, do an FTP Test, and devide your FTP with your weight and you get your W/kg.

Sign up on if you want real race results, this is where you can be DQ’d for various reasons. The results on Zwift will not DQ you (yet), they are working on controls to stop all the blatant cheating.


Thanks for replying, I’ll wait a little to build up my courage before I do one.

There’s a couple of Zwift I’ve seen , I’m guessing the first one I do is the short one?

Do the ramp test first.
That will give you an idea in what ballpark your FTP is. (What to aim for in the 20min test)
Wait 1-2 days, then do the long 20min test. That one is more accurate.

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That sounds great, thank you.

Will do that, maybe tomorrow. Is it best if don’t ride on zwift today ? I’m guessing it would be ok.