A note from zwift performance

I just received an odd email from zwift performance with the subject ( zwift compliance team )
You are receiving this email because it has come to our attention that your power is inaccurate due to fluctuations in reported weight, height, or that your trainer needs to be calibrated.

Please ensure that your trainer is correctly calibrated according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, and that this process is followed on a regular basis.

In addition, please double check your weight and height as they impact your overall performance data.

If you believe there is an error, please let us know.

Just want to note that I’ve done my weight verification and it’s on my zwiftpower and I use two kinds of smart trainers, and they are both show similar numbers , I use cadence and heart rate monitor too
I am not using a dual recording because I don’t have a power meter,
My results are so ordinary, I am not that strong rider who win every race…
Is this email because of it ? I honestly think I’m being transparent and fair in every possible way.
Anyone has similar experience? And what have you done to fix it ?

Looks like an odd one. While they are questioning peoples power is a good thing i suspect you have been caught out by some auto rule in their system so worth getting back to them as it looks like an error or needing further verification.

A bit like the old zada used to DQ people until verified when power was super high.

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Which kinds? Your zwiftpower profile says a Magene smart trainer. GP Lama reviewed one and it wasn’t as accurate as the manufacturer claimed. Perhaps you were flagged by other racers?

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Your ZP profile A+, FTP 365 w ~ 73 kg (= 5,0 w/kg) - I would say it is OK they are (politely)
questioning your power.
Have you no possibility to test your FTP with a powermeter?

Ride on!

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Well I’m not that professional rider who uses every possible device and sensor,
Just recently I started considering to get a power meter just to contribute in the fairness and transparency of our sports.
Usually IRL rides and races , Strava gives an estimation of power which was my only indication about my effort ( plus cadence and HRM ).
I’m sure we all contribute in a way or an other in making zwift better place , but as far I’m concerned it takes time , it’s not like every device and bike and ’ power meter’ are free …