Help with FTP results

Just did my first 20min FTP test on Zwift and I’m not sure how accurate my results were. I’m 6ft(183cm) tall and 194lbs(88kg) and am just getting into road cycling. My FTP came out to 357w. I feel like that’s too high? I dont have a smart trainer just a garmin speed, cadence, and heart rate sensor so my watts are capped at 400. I mountain bike about 5 miles every other day so I do some cycling but thats the extent of my exercise. Is my result even as high as I think it is? Is it accurate? I was definitely gassed at the end but I see more experienced people on forums and YouTube struggle to get high 200s or 300. Sorry if this is a stupid post but I’m new to all this and want to know where im at.

I started biking in October, had my knee injury from few years back come with pain so stopped for a few months, got back onto it and now I am currently standing at 196w for 184cm and 81kg.

I am not questioning your result, but for someone who is just new to road cycling, I find it v high… You could compete with the A+ category on Zwiftpower without any struggle.

Maybe someone that knows abt dumb trainers can help.
A little tip I realised after my first 2 ftp tests I did that were all mistaken, is that you have to stay seated. Not saying you didn’t but I was pushing and pushing, standing up and it just didn’t show the accurate results in the end.

Ride on!

Yeah it’s probably way too high. Non-smart trainers give very innacurate power readings. Which trainer is it? Is it one supported by Zwift that you can select when you pair your sensors?

No it’s not supported by Zwift. It was a cheap Amazon trainer I got a while back. I guess next thing is to get a smart trainer. Thanks for the help!

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Hmm yeah I would get destroyed racing in that category. Next upgrade will be a smart trainer for sure. Thanks for the reply!

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or another source of power measurement such as power pedals…, which can be easily transferred onto your road bike,

You still will not have computer control but will at least get the correct( ish) w/kg upon which Zwift works.