FTP too low?

Hi All,

I have been using zwift for a few rides before doing my FTP test yesterday. My ‘automatic’ FTP before the test was 230W, after the test it is 201W. When doing the test, I was pretty tired and legs were stiff going into it.

This morning I did an escalation workout based on my new FTP. Whilst I worked up a sweat I came out feeling like I still had loads left in the tank, like I only operated at around 70% capacity.

Do you think my FTP may have been tested too low and I should rerun the test when I am more prepared?

Any info would be great. thanks

You should do an FTP when you are well rested and then give it everything you have

OK thanks, thats probably the issue. I’ll prepare better next time

You’ll also find that the first few FTP tests get progressively better as you learn how to pace an FTP test.

Thanks, I think this is where I went wrong. I didn’t know what to expect from the test; when to hold back and when to max out. I will do another one soon, hopefully get more accurate results

Do the ramp test instead. For most, albeit not for all, a good ramp test and a good 20 min ftp test give the same result. Doing a good FTP test, however, takes a lot of practice and knowledge of your capacity, how to pace your effort for you to last 20 min, no more no less, both physically and mentally. In a ramp test you just go until your legs can’t pedal anymore and it’s shorter and less of a mental game.