12 week FTP Builder Query


I completed an FTP test approximately 4 weeks ago, results at the time felt low for what I seem to be capable of. Since the test, Zwift has automatically updated my FTP to 226w.

However I regularly ride pretty consistently at around 250w for 30k rides.

This morning I started day 3 of the FTP builder. The workout kept me at 160w with short reductions to 110w. My heart rate didn’t raise above 123bpm for the entire workout and I felt like I had barely had a warm up after it.

Is my testing too low and should I run a new FTP test before starting the plan? I had a look through the plan workouts and there are only short peaks at 226w for the whole plan, I feel this is far below my capacity.

Thanks for any advice

If you think it is a bit low and you did not give it you very best then do another test.

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Thanks for the help. I did a ramp test and ended up with 280w FTP which is definitely closer to where I thought I’d be

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