1.7% FTP increase after FTP Builder Plan

So, after 6 FTP Builder Plan it was time for the truth.
just ran a ramp test and got the disapoining increase of 1.7% (237 to 241W).
to be very honest i always thought that my FTP was overestimated as im pretty sure i cant hold 237W for 1 hour.
anyhow, just want to spread my disapointment around :slight_smile: )
what are your experinces with the ftp builder plan on Zwift?
info: 48y, 81kg - trying to cycle everyday at least for 1h.

Ramp tests are notorious for over estimating FTP, it would be better to do the standard 20 minute test.

Most people can’t hold FTP power for an hour, plus it takes a long time to improve FTP. 6 weeks isn’t going to do a lot unless you’re relatively untrained. Take a long term view and keep at it. Training 7 days a week is not going to produce the best results unless you have some truly easy days in there.

Were you fully recovered after the training plan? It can help to take a day off, and do a second day of low effort before the test. Recovery time varies a lot so there’s no universal guidance about that.

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Thanks Mike.
My previous FTP was actually calculated by Zwift during regular races and workouts. My original ramp test last year was 200w. Then during the end of the year it increased to 237W(no test done).
I will do a 30 Mon test just to see how it goes.
Do you think that could be fatigue after the 6 weeks a reason for not showing improvement?