Ramp Test Results

I’ve just done a ramp test. My previous score 6 weeks ago was 154. I have been doing a coached FTP building plan for 6 weeks.

I go through the minute that was 220W and the average on screen was 220W. I thought this led to an FTP of around 209, 220W x .95? I was told my new FTP was 166. Totally pissed off and deflated.

What zone do you have to hit on FTP to get 200FTP? 600?

it doesn’t work like that, don’t worry about it too much, just send it as hard as you can for as long as you can, and let the program do all the calculations for you.
I can pass the 300w segment but mine only comes out at around 230-ish. It’s just how the test works.

Just cos u can do 220W for 1 min does not mean u can do 209 for 1 hour :smiley:


The ramp test typically takes 0.75x highest one minute power. (Not sure if this is the exact number Zwift uses but it will be around that). Note that this is the highest one minute, not highest step so every second you continue will add to your FTP.

0.95x is used for the 20 minute test.

That all being said it is just a number used to assess training zones so don’t assign your ego to it like lots of people do, it will go up and down throughout training seasons and this is okay!

You’ve still hit an almost 8% increase with that jump which you should be pleased with after only a 6 week block, keep at it and the gains will come, sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger!


Thanks Ben. That makes me feel better. It was just my first one since I started training and I thought I would get a better result.

Yeah I see that now. Fair point. :wink:

Yeah Stephen. I think that’s exactly what I’ve done. Wise words. I need to get it into my head this is a long journey. I have lost 8kg too since I started so my W/kg is going up because of that too.

It’s hard not to want a great FTP when your blowing out your ■■■■ at 1.8w/kg and all these folk are firing past you at 8/9 w/kg. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thank you. That has made me feel a bit better when you put it like that. After an hour of the FTP test I was on the bike again doing threshold work. When i was peddling at my new threshold I was thinking (whilst breathing out my ■■■■) that it was probably good that it wasn’t any higher. Still managed it though and got off feeling I had had a great workout.

Thanks. That helps me get a good perspective of it. :smiley:

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That’s a great FTP increase in just six weeks. Keep going!


Thanks Steve. What I’ve realised, from the other replies, is that it’s actually not too bad. I was disappointed at first but when you look at it properly it’s okay.

I’m happy putting loads of work in to get better so I’ll just get on with it.

Appreciate your support. :tumbler_glass:

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just to pile on the support, it took me almost 3 years to get from 180 to 250 w/kg FTP. you’ll get there in a couple months at this rate!


Thanks mate. That helps put it in perspective. I think my expectations were just totally out of whack for how much it actually increases.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I wish. Some amount of effort I’ve put in just to get this far. I’ve amended my goals and will try to get to 180 by end of September now. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:.

Appreciate you taking the time out to give me a shout. :tumbler_glass:

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Also, accept that sometimes you might go backwards.

This was a ramp test last year:


And this was last week:


It says I’m “getting better” because I’d reset my FTP in Zwift to 230W a couple of months ago, based on what Xert was telling me.

Loads of things can get in the way and make progress slower than you’d like, or cause you to go backwards. Sure, have goals, but don’t beat yourself up about things that aren’t going the way you have them in your ideal scenario. =)

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Please don’t forget this. It is hard to gain power while losing weight. When both are headed in the right direction you are certainly getting faster on the bike, fitter, and day to day living a healthier life. Keep it up.

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Thanks Vincent. :smiley:

Yes Daren. You are bang on. It’s something I’ll have to learn. I always push to hard and expect too much. Time I looked at the positives. Thank goodness there’s so many like you here to show me there is plenty of positive in my progress. :grinning:

Cheers Daren

I’ve done the Ramp test twice in two days. I’ve just joined zwift and the first test i was too busy working out what was going onto get to where i knew i could. So i repeated it. The first one i didn’t get much above the 200w stage. On the second one i got to 300w stage. Was definitely pushing a bit harder but mostly the gain was down to having done it once before. The first FTP result i got was 203w which given its apparently around 75% of MAP seems high. The second result came in at 205w.

Now i do not have a heart rate monitor plugged in (yet) as i thought i could hook in my garmin watch for this but alas it doesn’t work. I have a smart trainer, the thing controls the resistance great and comparing the feel and power to my on road Strava rides the power numbers seem accurate or at least consistent. Its a Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll, i calibrated it as well.

I find it odd you can’t go into the test on Zwift and get some sort of analysis. To find the result again i have to go into a workout and see where the slider is on the graph. I cannot for the life of me find a place where it tells me my current FTP. Am still on the trial but have signed up so maybe its hidden or something until it switches.

anyhow i’m just trying to work out how the number is calculated as if it doesn’t make sense then its sort of pointless doing it. I will do a FTP test in due course but am waiting for heart rate, speed and cadence sensors to get all the data tied up properly. Have started the 4 week FTP booster.

does anyone know exactly how it works it out in Zwift or if there is a place to view the results after the fact and get any sort of feedback? I’m not overly fussed about the actual number more wanting to understand the consistency and also make sure my training is at the right level. The first day of the FTP booster was based on 203W and it felt very comfortable, and that was after doing the Ramp test a couple of hours previously. If it continues to feel to easy i may bump up the FTP number manually a bit.

Should close out by saying really love Zwift, broke my collar bone two weeks ago in a road bike not on the road incident and have been going daft not doing any pedalling.

You can find your FTP in your user profile, see:

I’ve just today finished the 6 week FTP builder. Going to do the ramp test tomorrow. Last week on a free ride Zwift told me my FTP had gone up 2W. I was happy :grinning:


This is how I view FTP: it’s functional, which means your body doesn’t like working above this level, but can work below this level for awhile. So when I look at a power histogram from a race or other hard mixed effort, I expect to see an exponential drop in time spent at power for powers above FTP, but a more even distribution of times at power below FTP. Where the exponential drop begins is probably close to a functional FTP. The whole point of FTP is to predict what is the maximum power you can sustain. The ramp test is just a tool to try to extract that – it’s not a goal in itself, but a tool for pacing.

There’s a lot more to fitness than FTP.

Here’s my power distribution from a TdF Discovery ride. Note I spent a lot of time in the 200-225 range. But then there’s a fairly dramatic decrease from 225-250. From this I’d estimate my FTP is around 225W. This isn’t a replacement for a more careful test, but it should be in the ballpark. Our bodies let us know they don’t like being over FTP for long. I wouldn’t use carefully paced rides, like time trials or rides with power limits, here – best rides where you were trying to go fast without too much focus on riding a particular power.