Anyone get to the end of the 101 ramp test?

Hi folks. New Zwifter here. Just got myself a Wahoo Kickr Snap, which I’m totally happy with. I’m exploring the training plans available on Zwift, and currently doing the 101 plan. This includes a FTP ramp test. Does anyone ever get to the end of this? I didn’t get very far, but we’ve all got to start somewhere.

Any recommendations for plans/events suited to newbies? My goal is general fitness, but I’d like to see my level improving.

For me, to work on fitness i am trying to spend more time in the green-yellow-orange power zones - or tempo, threshold ,VO2MAX.

you can search those key words in this site to find workouts to target those areas:

The 101 ramp test only goes to 340 W so yeah, anyone with a FTP of ~250 W or more will make it through the last step. The standalone test goes to almost twice that.

You shouldn’t be able to get to the end. If you do, your initial FTP setting is way too low. The steps are based on your FTP setting, meaning the wattage per step for someone with a 200W FTP will be different (lower) than someone with a 300W FTP. If your current FTP setting is roughly correct, then from start to finish, you will likely fail between 15-20min.

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No I didn’t get to the end, and it looks to have got my FTP pretty accurately. I like the fact that the next plan I’m doing (FTP builder) has been adjusted for my current FTP. Nice, I’m liking the Zwift experience so far.

I have been Zwifting since the end of March and do a mixture of D and C group rides (early UK time of day). What is your W/kg (FTP divided by your weight in game) so that I can make some recommendations based on what I find enjoyable/challenging (not always the same thing)!

Thanks Dan. My W/kg is 2.1 so I guess that makes me a cat D rider. I am in the UK.

Hi Andrew

I don’t imagine you want to ride everything at your limit, so these would be a good mix of social rides (events) to try…

  • Any PACK 1.5 Beginners Ride (I like Saturday morning which is “Coffee with Karen” and normally around 45 minutes)
  • The HERD Down Under (on Wednesday morning for an hour)
  • DBR Social Ride (on Sunday morning for an hour, and could be more challenging depending on the route chosen)

All those have friendly people who’ll help with any questions and also drop back to support you if you’re struggling with the pace (you do need to stay with the draft to have a comfortable ride).

I would say, not all group D rides are equal. If you do want a challenge for your current level, you could try the W/KG 2for1 Down Under on a Thursday morning, which would be at your limit.

Personally, I like to mix social rides with some (but not much) structured training. I did do the 6 week FTP programme, but did it alongside the Tour For All so there might have been an element of over training. There is a Build Me Up plan which might be of interest to you if you wanted to be quite structured (then it becomes a balance of how much group riding you want to do).

Thanks that’s useful. For me, the main objective is keeping fit. Reason I got the TT was because I switched from running, so I am reasonably fit already. But you’re right in saying I don’t want to ride everything at the limit. I suppose the FTP builder is an iterative thing, so at the end your level should have improved, and you can always repeat it. Or do something else. There seem to be plenty of plans to choose from.

I haven’t really got into the social aspects of Zwift yet, but I guess that’s what it’s all about, so I’ll hit the Saturday morning beginners ride, as you suggest.

Hi Andrew

I’ve followed you in the game and can see your latest workout from a few hours ago. I’m curious, you’re not showing cadence data which I thought would be standard with the Wahoo Kickr Snap? It might be down to how you have paired your device. In any case, cadence is useful, some of the workouts will ask you to pedal at different rates. You might also consider a heart rate monitor (but training by power makes it less necessary, it’s more useful to gauge recovery).


Ah right, when I start up the Zwift app I’ve been selecting the “controllable” icon. Are you saying I can also select the “cadence” icon?

I’ve got a HRM on order, should be delivered this week. Currently I’m using my Garmin watch to gauge my effort, but I’ve assumed (maybe wrongly?) that it wouldn’t pair up to the Zwift app.

I’ve just tried the Garmin watch, and Zwift doesn’t see it. In any case I find that its HR reporting can be a bit erratic, so the chest strap I’ve ordered should be more accurate.

Yes, pair the cadence as well.

With regards to Garmin, in theory you can get it to rebroadcast your HR as Ant+ and then pair it into Zwift (assuming you have an Ant+ connection to Zwift). Easier to use a separate HR strap though.

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I don’t have Ant+ connectivity. Plus I really don’t think the Garmin is worth faffing about with, as I say it’s a bit hit and miss with regard to getting a pulse rate. TBH though I don’t think any wrist based HRM is going to be as good as a chest strap.

Now the next thing to get sorted is the display, because using a phone isn’t ideal. I can hardly make out the text and numbers in the UI. So if I don’t acknowledge you’re there, it’s because I can’t make out the names :smiley:

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depending on the garmin it can be selected as an option to pair. on your watch switch to the HR widget, then hold the left middle button to bring up settings, then find one that says broadcast HR, then it should show up as an option within zwift HR pairing

Thanks for the suggestion. Although my Forerunner 235 does have a broadcast setting, Zwift doesn’t see it, and going by this page, it only works with Garmin devices

Nah it’s just because you don’t have an ant+ dongle that’s all

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My wife has a newer 935 and Zwift was able to see it. I do t recall if I tried my fenix 5x, but a HR chest band is better anyway I think.