Newbie on Beginner 6week FTP Builder

Well I just got the Wahoo Kickr set up a few days ago. I am a total beginner bike rider, although I occasionally survive 100 mile charity rides and do run marathons and take a few strength workouts per week.
So I did the calibration (spin down), and then did a ramp test for an FTP baseline (I think it was 212 watts, although I am having a tough time finding that data now).
I started the 6 week beginner FTP builder program and day1 (foundation) was fine, I definitely worked up a sweat but finished ok. Day 2 (today) was the Tempo ride 1 hr 7 min , and this was a huge challenge for me and I had to stop for 30 sec or so twice during the peak intervals (225-230 Watts). I am wondering if somehow my ramp ftp value was too high for my actual capabilities ? Feels like this beginner program is too advanced for me.
I would welcome any feedback/ suggestions.

Thank you


212 is quite high for a beginner. I personally believe the calculation on ramp tests and 20 minute FTP test to be quite a bit inflated. I would manually take off up to 10% of your result (you can manually adjust your FTP in game) and try again. Also, Zwift training programs are not great, as they are notoriously difficult and many report having problems finishing them, so you are not alone.

All in all, I would try to do a full 1hr FTP test if you want true accuracy. As far as training plans go, I’d find something outside of Zwift, because their training plans need a lot of work. Finally, do not be discouraged! This is a very common issue and does not reflect on your fitness or ability to dig deep.

Thank you for the feedback Joel. It was encouraging to read as after the ride yesterday all I could think was I could not even make it through the beginners workout. I rode another tempo today and lowered my FTP by 10% , still tough but at least more doable. I will have to look around a bit for other workouts. Regardless, since I have never trained for the bike I have a lot to gain so that’s the brite side of it all.
I will try the 1 hour FTP test at some point, I just have no clue yet what I can output for an hour.

Thanks again for your help!