FTP much tougher on Wahoo Kickr Bike v. Core

I’ve recently upgraded from a Wahoo Kickr Core to the Kickr Bike. Really enjoying the switch, but I’ve noticed my previous FTP of 252 from having the Core is hard to achieve and definitely much tougher on the equivalent trading plans. My FTP feels right and is evenly matched on my real world road bike using a decent power meter.
Fitness levels have been maintained and increased based on PB’s on my road bike. I’m 65kg and typically average 18 to 19 mph on a real world bike ride over 25 plus miles on hilly terrain Kickr bike settings all seem fine. Any advice please or is this something I accept and downgrade my FTP on Zwift? Thanks.

have you done an actual FTP test on the new kickr bike yet…?
no point using old number from previous trainer to set workouts on a new trainer.

power meters are not 100% accurate and the manufacturing claims are probably slightly exaggerated anyway, so expect to see a slight difference when swapping device (even on the same bike - and you are replacing the entire bike, which may also be affecting things - it will take a bit of time to get used to the new bike / positioning etc.)

also depends how often you were calibrating your trainer previously vs now etc.

long shot but also if the kickr bike is brand new, maybe it needs some time to “bed in” or w/e (i dno if that affects these things or not).

Thanks Ben, yes FTP on Kickr bike is around 200 and when doing training plans definitely harder to maintain old FTP levels. I’ve collaborated the Kickr bike to be the same gear ratio and geometry as my road bike so most variables should be the same. Not a huge issue as really pushing myself on the training plans but sometimes the cadence to power on really high watt targets on training plans isn’t sustainable and I grind to a halt so probably need to drop my FTP numbers to get a more effective training session.

i mean a drop of 50 watts is absolutely bonkers, there’s either something very wrong with your old trainer or something very wrong with your new trainer, and without a 2nd power meter it’s impossible to know which is correct and which is not.

i reckon it’s likely you haven’t set up the kickr bike correctly, but i dont have one myself so dont know what to look for - but i’d say start off by going back into kickr bike settings wherever that is and double check everything is entered correctly.

also get in touch with wahoo support asap cos they will provide much better help than anyone here most likely and you may need to get a replacement if you can’t resolve the issue.

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Same as @John_Seaman! I’ve recently upgraded from a new Wahoo Kickr trainer v5 (bought September 2021) to a new Wahoo Kickr bike and seen a drop about 30 on my FTP. My FTP level on the v5 trainer matched my Stages power meter readings of last year on my real world bike, but I feel a big difference with the Kickr bike.

I just came from a Neo 2T to a Wahoo Bike and I feel like superman now. I can’t imagine that the Kickr reports even higher power than the bike does?