Which program?

I’ve been cycling a few months, and now have an ftp of 175.

With winter here I’ve signed up for Zwift and want to do a training program. Any recommendations? I can probably do 4-6 hours per week and really just want to get my ftp up.

Well, I am just about to complete the “6wk Beginner FTP Builder”. It starts out on the easier side but definitely gets challenging as you get into the last couple of weeks. I started at an FTP of 169 and will do another FTP test in the middle of the coming week- it definitely gone up- we’ll see by how much.

Funnily enough I was looking at the 10-12 week ftp builder, but the program, even later on seems very easy.

Is it a bad idea to adjust the intervals so I’m working at higher wattage levels?

I did the 20 min FTP test, which I think was reasonably accurate.

Well, if your FTP is accurate the program should be relatively challenging as it uses you FTP to set the wattage levels. I completed the 6 week program on Sunday and will perform an FTP test tomorrow to see how much it improved.

What zones did your program mostly work?

keen to hear your results!

Just completed my FTP test- improved from 169 to 200! So, I’m very happy with my gain from using the 6wk beginner FTP Builder. That program works zone 1-4 for the most part with some workouts working zone 5/6 for short bursts (10 sec). Now I need to find a another program.

Pretty good going for 6 weeks of training! Only on my second week but already feeling a bit fitter… Definitely sweating less!

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