Feedback and tips to improve FTP beginner

Im a beginner and been cycling for 2 weeks now.

Did my first FTP test today.

293 watts for 20 min on Zwift. My weight is 90 kg.

Is that a ok result? consider that I just started cycling.

How do I improve my FTP?
I can do about 4 sessions a week. What should be the focus on those sessions?

Thanks for help :grin:

As a beginner, you can get a lot of improvement over just riding more. Try a race if you want. Try a group ride, and if you want to go hard, you should be able to find a few people who are doing that who are at your pace. Go earn a few route badges.

You will eventually plateau using a free form approach. If you only do long slow distance, you will probably plateau earlier. At this point, if you want to improve from there, you want to add intensity, e.g. hard rides, races, structured intervals.

I am a much more experienced cyclist, so the Zwift 10-12 week FTP builder is not enough stimulus for me. But at first glance, it looks like a perfectly fine program for a newbie rider. You wouldn’t go wrong if you start that plan right now. If you get some ride experience before you want to do structured training, then you can skip the first two weeks of that plan, maybe more depending on how you’re feeling.

If you examine each week’s workouts, you should see two higher intensity workouts and two longer but lower intensity ones. You want to do the former for sure - in general, even experienced riders might do only 2 high intensity sessions a week, plus up to two longer endurance sessions. For the FTP builder’s endurance sessions, you could skip those and do your own riding instead.

As you get more and more experienced, then if you want to keep progressing, you need to commit a bit more time to your hard interval sessions, and you will need to pay more attention to how you structure the rest of the week, plus you want to keep slowly ramping your time in zone up. But that’s way later. Anyway, when you get there, that’s the time to do some reading on how to structure your training, or hire a coach - there are coaches who will do one off consults, or you can hire someone monthly.

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