Newbie just starting 6wk Beginner FTP Builder. Where to start?

I’m a complete newb. Just got a Wahoo KICKR Core. I thought it would be important to establish my FTP but wanted to work up to the test. I’m 46 years old and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion as to what I should set the FTP at before the workouts. I haven’t been exercising regularly, or at all, but I’m not over weight and in relatively good shape.


I’m fairly, 3-4 times a week I have done the 4 week FTP builder and it is really good, if you ask me just do an FTP test now and be done with it, you will know very early on if you do the shorter one if you are going to even be able to turn the pedals over, it would pay to be conservative. If you really really want to try and get a number of some sort before you do it, just trying doing something 100 watts for 5 minutes and see how you feel if that is easy try and do 150 watts for 5 minutes and see how you go. The 2 FTP tests I have done at the end I just wanted it all to end :slight_smile:

Which I guess is the aim, trial and error if you can’t hold a power output of a certain wattage at 85-95 rpm for 5 minutes, it’s too high, etc, etc, it’s quick and easy to reset and restart as well.

Also be aware, this was all new to me right, the actual FTP test itself is done in free ride mode, it switches to free ride for the actual test, so try and do some free riding and see how the trainer/setup feels in free ride and get used to it, its very different to ERG mode.

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Thanks for the input. Sounds like a good idea. I guess once I get a number I can go back to the builder workout and input that number to build upon?

Once you do an FTP test and finish it as long as you are still alive at the end, it will automatically update and store your FTP for you and use that when you start doing programs. Do some reading about FTP tests, there is a good article somewhere. The first one I did, I kind of did not perfect, just went hard from the start and fatigued a bit, then I did some reading.

Bascially first 10 minutes it should be hard but you should be able to do it and have some room to go up. 10-15 minutes, ramp up the power output, it should be starting to hurt now and getting tough, for me that phase was ok, this is tough but I can do this but I couldn’t do this for 20 minutes. Final 5 minutes, give it everything you got, try and get some more power output and keep it going, you’ve got 5 minutes left, make every second count and by the end of it, I really did feel like the articles described and I didn’t want to pedal anymore, it’s a real mental challenge as well because you know from the outset this is really going to hurt quite a bit :slight_smile:

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Thanks again, and I’ll do some reading so I’ll be better prepared. I know I can only do what I can do, gotta start somewhere.

I have really enjoyed my journey so far and it has helped me get back into cycling again, hoping to try and do a group ride soon and some more free riding, enjoy it and obviously be safe if you ever feel pain or discomfort STOP, I have a couple of times trying to do some routines which were a little too much for me. Good luck with it all


@Geren_Hill You could also just do some group rides and races. Start with D grade and move up if you think you can stick with the next grade etc. Zwift will automatically assign you an FTP anyway and if you get a good race where you feel like you are absolutely drained at the end, and Zwift gives you a new FTP, then you have a great starting point. Lots of choices eh!

Oh and I just recalled, I did one of the workouts (a 12 week one - Build me up or something like that) before I hit races etc. And my FTP was being often adjusted (going up) as I progressed through that too.

Have fun Geren.

Thanks, another great idea.