First FTP test

Hi there,
Well I had my first FTP test today and scored a 231 which Im happy with. I plan on doing the 6 week training program next. I have two questions.
My understanding is for the warm up it stays in ERG mode and automatically switches off once the test begins. Half way through the test I noticed on the Zwift companion app that it had ERG on for the test portion (however it didn’t feel like ERG). Has anyone noticed this?
My second question is as I’m trying to maintain my power outage as consistently as possible. The watts go up and down considerably even though I feel my effort is the same. e.g I’m at 260, then 280, then drops to 210 and back up again. Is this normal or does it sound like my trainer needs a tune up? Its a wahoo kickr first generation.
Thanks very much.

Sounds like it might need to be calibrated. Is it updated to the latest firmware as well?

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