Stable power at FTP test

Hey guys,

So, yesterday I was taking the FTP short test and noticed something strange. During the warmup period and also during the first steps, when Zwift tells you to ride at a certain power (at 220W for 20sec, for example), my power was completely stable at 220W. I could slow down or increase my cadence at the same gear, but the power remained stable at the asked power. But, at the the 20min part of the test, where you don’t have to follow a certain power, my power was correctly measured.

I was using the Elite Rampa via Bluetooth, using the Zwift Mobile Link app.

Has anyone experienced this problem?

Yes.  During the warmup period you are in ERG mode and the trainer tries to keep the watts at the target.

Once the FTP portion starts you are back to SIM mode and have to shift as normal.

Ohh didn’t know about it! Many thanks.


Just ride as hard as you can for a solid twenty minutes and it does FTP for you.