FTP after Zwift 101

Not really a bug but still a technical question:

I did the Zwift cycling 101 plan. During the final ramp test to establish a base FTP I made it to ~300W before blowing. At about that time the on-screen prompt said something like “congratulations If you’ve made it this far your FTP is above 250 and you should do the full FTP test.” Then when I finished the ride and returned back to the main menu I got a notice “Congratulations we’ve detected an update to your FTP to 150 and automatically updated your profile.”

So what’s my FTP 150 or 250? Should I go in and manually update the value in my profile?

Hey Jason!

I don’t know if you have got this figured out or not already, but since there’s been no replies, I figured I’d try to help out real quick.

Also, congrats on the first forum post!

You can verify your current FTP by following the steps on this support post.

If it doesn’t seem to have saved for any reason, you may need to take another FTP Test. More info about FTP and it’s uses can be found here.

If that doesn’t help, please submit a support request if you haven’t already done so, and a Zwift team member will be happy to take a closer look at this matter.

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I would be willing to venture a guess as to why Zwift told you >250, then set it 150.

Zwift has a built-in function to monitor your rolling 20-minute average power during any of your activities in-game. When Zwift detects that 95% of your max 20 minute average exceeds your currently set FTP, it automatically resets your FTP to that new 95% number and gives you an alert about it.

What I think happened is that Zwift has not disabled that function in the ramp test module. Zwift reset your FTP to the 95% 20-minute average wattage during your ramp test (which happened to be 150W) even though the ramp test indicated that your actual FTP must be greater than 250.

Zwift should disable this function in the ramp test module.

Thanks for the replies. I think what I’ll do for now is keep it at 150. I’m doing the FTP builder training plan so I suppose I’ll re-evaluate then. Worse case scenario is that I do the plan at 150 and don’t get max benefit of the plan if my current FTP really is 250.


You’ll be able to tell if your FTP is not set correctly. If you do the harder workouts, those that have a lot of zone 4 (yellow), and you find them really easy with your FTP set at 150 W you know your FTP is more like 250 W. If your FTP was 150, these would seem hard but doable. Conversely, if you set your FTP to 250W and it’s 150W, there’s no way you would be able to complete these workouts.

That makes me feel good. Those yellow blocks are really doable. I’ll bump my FTP and compare.