Hi! I ran ftp ramptest liten. Watts started at 50w and ended at 250w. I cycled the entire test run and the average showed below 255w. But I was so late that I forgot to look at the ftp result and I didn’t have time to press ok to save it. When i look at the statiscs the driving also shows warming up and cooling down. That way i don’t see the average wattage.

Can you help what would be my ftp in watts after this performance?

I believe it might still save, try going to the workout tab then selecting a workout to see what your FTP is set at.


Your FTP updates automatically after completing an FTP test. If you adjusted your FTP afterwards to match your average then you probably set it higher than it should be. We can pull up your FTP history and view all of the changes if you reach out to us at support and ask what the FTP was changed to after the activity.

You completed the test and your Timeline and Power Distribution figures from your Activities suggest your last/best minute average was around 253-255 (you say you think it was below 255). Zwift takes 75% of this figure to give you an FTP figure of 190-191.
The fact you finished the test might suggest you consider taking the Standard Ramp Test to possibly give a more accurate figure.

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