Crash during ftp-test: which ftp should i consider?

Hi zwifters,

As a totally new biker without any physical exercices the last months due to corona I did my first zwift-ride yesterday! Pretty curious how bad my physical state was in, I chose the ftp-test And yes… It was bad :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Died 3 times during the warmup :rofl:

Starting the 20 minutes ftp block there is a pop-up indicating the average watt. Started a little conservative at 150W. I felt better and better and the watts kept rising. I ended the ftp block with an average of 170w. At the end of the ftp test there was a new pop-up saying something like: ‘congratulations, you have an ftp of 161w’.

In the next cooldown block drama happened :zap::boom::see_no_evil: Zwift crashed! Tried to recover the file by uploading it to strava but file was corrupt… Zwift does recognize my ridden km’s. When I select a new workout now I see ‘ftp 220’ under in the workout profile…

I’m confused… What ftp do I have? :man_shrugging:

It sounds to me that it didn’t save the test result of 170 as your FTP. 220 could be a default value? I would go back to one of the FTP tests in the menu, and you’ll see a vertical slider on the right where you can set your FTP to 170. This will ensure that future workouts are based on the correct value.

Try if you want to fix your fit file and save the ride to Strava (its not 100% gauranteed, but mostly works).

Hi try the ramp test after a warm up easier and gives a more accurate FTP result ensuring you use ERG mode when doing test

I dunno about the ramp test giving a more accurate result than the FTP test. I suggest it’s the other way around. But the big advantage of the ramp test is that you don’t have the difficultly in pacing yourself that the FTP test has.

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