Zwift - FTP Test - Results

Hi All,

I am new to Zwift and a bit lost.

Yesterday, I completed the FTP test in the workout section. Now, where can I see the result of the 20 minutes test?

Zwift automatically saved the whole 70 minytes tests (warm-up, test, cooldown) so I have the avg watt for the 70 minutes but not for the test itself.

I do not seem to find anything relevant either in my profile or in-game in the Menu > Settings or just in the Menu.

I am completly lost here …


Thank you!


Hi Felix,

Zwift should have automatically updated your FTP based on your 20 minute effort (which is 95% of that average). It’s also available as your .FIT file, located on your MyZwift Dashboard, which you can download and then upload to third-party sites such as Strava.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for the reply.

When you say “Zwift should have automatically updated your FTP based on your 20 minute effort (which is 95% of that average)”

Where can I see that? Where is the information displayed?

Thank you,


Hi Felix. If you press the E key ( it brings up the workout screen and on the right is your FTP.

And welcome to Zwift. Hopefully see you in some races soon. I’ll be the fat lad at the back wheezing!

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Hi Felix,

Hedley is correct! And you can manually change your FTP as well if you feel it isn’t quite so accurate.

Hi Hedley,

Thank you very much!!
I will check it when I get back home this evening.

And thank you for the welcome!! :slight_smile:

Terribly Frustrating.  I do a 20 minte FTP test and zero record of it.  No automatic update to my rider profile FTP status.  (is it because I am on Trial membership?)

I got suckered into joining Strava in hopes of reviewing the test, but there’s no mention of FTP or interpretable data.

I can’t even find a chart of 20 minutes max effort x 95% equation to FTP number.  Anyone have success in finding this?

@Hedley :

You were 100% right, I found it there.

THank you very much!!


(Sorry or delay, got sick and kind of forgot about this thread)

Hey guys, where is the MyZwift Dashboard that @EricC mentioned in his reply? I’d be interested to download my FTP in .zip file so that I can upload it to Strava


Here is the link to the Dashboard Eric mentioned: