Where Can You Find The Result Of An FTP Test

So you do an FTP test in Zwift, you don’t pay any attention to the final number on the screen and you log off. Why doesn’t the FTP value appear in the record on MyZwift ? Sure it might have updated the FTP value in your profile but is that certain? If your FTP has gone up or down? Just seems poor UX, the alternative seems to be go to straa and look a the power curve and multiply your 20 min avg by 0.95 which is just a faff.

In one of the menus, click into edit your profile. It’s in there.

Thanks. I know you can look at your Profile and see what the current value is for your FTP but my question is why doesn’t Zwift associate the result of an FTP test with the actual activity in MyZwift? Then you would have a record of changes to your FTP without tracking them manually.

The followup question is can you be certain that Zwift has updated your FTP value in your profile after a test, regardless of wether FTP went up or down? Without an audit trail in your MyZwift activities you can’t be certain. For example, if you did an FTP test and Zwift crashes at the end after you have done the main 20 min effort would you be confident it has updated the FTP value.

Ah I see. Personally I know what my FTP is, so if I was to do a test I’d know whether it changed and was updated correctly. But for those who do tests regularly and want an audit trail then I agree, it’s just one of very many minor improvements that could be made. There are loads of things that aren’t shown on the website feed but are found in the Companion app, which doesn’t really make sense either.

Well at least you don’t have to exit the game anymore after a ride now and can ride again. That only took 4 years to implement :slight_smile: Overall it’s a small gripe, most of the time Zwift gets it right but the long awaited HUD and UI changes are frustratingly slow. I guess they’re focusing on new customer growth and an IPO so it’s stuff to live with. Cheers.

Just comment on your own Activity and add the FTP result in there.


Wait, so you can’t see your result unless you launch the app?
Why even bother with the companion app and the webpage if those things aren’t going to have most of the info.
I am new, I run the app when I’m on the bike, I don’t look at much because I am pedaling. I save and exit. sigh.

Okay, I’ve wasted more than an hour looking everywhere I can think of. I have no idea what you people are talking about, must be something other than zwift. Zwift has nothing. Profile has info I put in, name height, weight, etc. Activities have more info, but not ftp, feed lists totals for distance, time, elevation, and calories.
I don’t see anything in app, companion, nothing. Why must zwift make everything so difficult?

See this.

Because, obviously, it would be fatal to put the information someplace useful.


If you search google for “Where Can You Find The Result Of An FTP Test” you get that.

The problem is the instructions are 4 years old, and are no longer correct. And by put the information someplace useful, I mean the ftp result.

you still have to exit the game with Apple TV