New FTP not showing on Zwift

Hi there

I’ve just completed an FTP test as part of the Build Me Up training programme, which I’ve sweated over the past 12 weeks.

I’m pleased to say my FTP improved, but it is not showing on my Zwift profile. Indeed, Zwift is not acknowledging the ride at all in any of my power stats.

Now it could be that these things take a while to propagate. Furthermore, I was unable to complete the warm down following the FTP block itself because I had painful cramp, and the Build Me Up programme subsequently showed afterwards that I hadn’t even attempted it.

But the ride was saved and it shows up in my activities in the companion app and on Strava. Obviously I know what my new FTP is and I can update it manually, but that’s not the point. After all the pain and suffering, it’s immensely frustrating and demotivating when, as far as Zwift is concerned, it never happened.

Can anyone tell me what has happened here?

Thanks for any help!

Keith, there are many reasons why you may want to update your FTP manually in the future. You may take an FTP test in another cycling app, or you may getting a new number from data analysis software, like WKO5 (which recalculates your FTP after each ride).

Something did not work out in the last ride, but you did not lose any information. If you know your new FTP, go ahead and update it. You must be very proud that you did all this work and improved your FTP! Congratulations!

I doubt anyone in this forum can explain what happened. Usually, FTP test works and the result is saved. Something went wrong. Sh*t happens.

I’m having this same issue today. I finished the Build Me Up plan and did the last workout today which was the full FTP test. I wasn’t watching the screen when it showed what my new FTP is and it does not show up in the activity feed screen. I finished the full warm-down as well. The FTP section under the training menu only shows my last FTP test from about a month ago, but the latest ride did get saved to my activities. Maybe this is an issue with the way it is treated in the Build Me Up plan.

Hi @J_K12 welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Your FTP would not show up on your Zwift Activity web page, nor the Companion app. It would show up in the game app in two different places.

The training plan menu is one of them. the other place is in your profile in the game app’s Menu. Would you look at either of those two places and see what FTP is stored?

Looking at your session logs on our server, and noticed that you had an FTP of 204 as of June 9. On June 11, you completed the Build Me Up plan and your FTP had increased to 207.

Later on June 11, you changed some height and weight attributes. Did you also manually raise your FTP to 215?

215 should be the number you’re seeing in the game app at the moment, please confirm?

Hi, thanks for checking. Yes I manually changed it to my best guess, the 207 must have been the test result. When I look in the workout menu now it says last FTP test was 7/5/2022, so even though the FTP test in the plan made the correct change, it will not show up in the workout menu as my last completed test?

The game app does not show a historical view of your FTP as it goes up and down, if that’s what you’re asking. It’ll only show your the latest FTP number. Does it show 215 right now? Because that’s what it’s set to on our server at the moment.

No, I think my confusion is that the last “workout” of the build me up plan is the FTP test, but in the workout menu it says the date of my last FTP test was the one I did in May, not the one I did a few days ago. Anyway, there’s no problem with the numbers and settings in my account, thanks for checking!