Ftp update issue

Hi all,
I have been using zwift for 6 months and not had any issues before. Today I completed my second ftp test and there was no option to accept a new ftp. I did the ramp test and it come up on the screen that my ftp is 257w which is higher than before. However in my profile it is only showing the old ftp which is lower. I completed the full workout so I’m not sure what the problem is.

I’d like to keep improving so ideally for structured workouts I’d need my ftp to be accurate. I know I can alter it in workout but don’t want to have to do that everytime.

Has anyone else had this issue and been able to fix it?

you can set it yourself in zwift settings

Hi @Adam_Ferguson1, Welcome to our Zwift forums!

Does this happen in a specific device? There are two places where you can check the updated FTP. The first one is your profile and the second one is on the training plan menu .

Would you look at your training plan menu and see what FTP is stored? You can also, find more information related to this topic in this thread below.

New FTP not showing on Zwift

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