Updating FTP after ramp test on zwiftpower

Hi there,
I just did a FTP test on zwift (ramp test) for the first time in a while and FTP updated to 260W (3.4W/kg), but it is nowhere shown on neither Zwift nor zwiftpower… Actually, in zwift the correct, updated value is shown in the workouts… Any way to update that manually in Zwiftpower? It only shows a zFTP, which is rather far from the real value. I understand that 20 min in races is the value taken, but why have an FTP test if the value is nowhere to be seen/ cannot be updated?

Maybe I am missing something obvious here?!

cheers patrick

Zwift power don’t show FTP anymore. In the past it was a manual entry that was not used for anything.

The FTP is only used for workout zones. You can sind it in your profile and under workouts.