Zwift power not showing correct FTP

Hi. Quick question. How long should it take for Zwift power to show my FTP? I did a ramp test today and it gave me a 154. And I have confirmed it’s there. Zwift power shows my old 144 FTP. I refreshed a couple times to no avail.

Your FTP is a manual entry on Zwiftpower, in the settings menu, I dont believe it automatically updates.


Doh! LOL My weight change updated when I changed it in zwift so I assumed … Anyway, thanks :+1:

weight and height etc are linked to zwift, FTP value is not, maybe that’s something they need to look at doing

It doesn’t really matter, you could put 1,000 watt FTP and it makes no difference to how you are categorized or your w/kg calculations… they could just remove it completely too. :man_shrugging:


I was thinking about that. Glad to have it confirmed.