Zwiftpower FTP

As far as I can see there is no link between any of the profile data held on zwift and zwiftpower. Worst example being the FTP this seem to be only updated manually

Surely something could be put in place to make this a live update based on the user zwift numbers. Also weight should be synchronised.

Weight and height do come from the game. FTP will come from your race data if you enter it as “0”, or at least it used to.

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I will give it a try thank

That’s right, it’s 95% of your best 20min race power I think

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Has anyone confirmed this? I would love to know.

yes, just changed mine back to zero, uses 95% of your best 20min result from past 90 days.

Correct - if you set to “0” it will leave it “estimated”. Otherwise its manual.

Dragging this back up a year later,
I have never manually entered an FTP and have mine on zwift power set at 0. On zwift itself I have never done an FTP test, the only thing I do is put one in when selecting a workout.
Zwift power currently displays my estimated FTP as 95% of by best 20m effort ever in a zwift power event, and that was a race from 1 year ago when I was going pretty well. I’ve been at a considerably lower level for a while, far longer than the 90 day period, and have many race efforts to prove it, but my FTP doesn’t change.
I mean, it doesn’t really matter as it won’t affect my category, but it bugs me seeing the inflated number up there.
Any advice on how to get it updated? (other than manually)

From my own similar experience, you need to enter your current estimate manually, because Zwiftpower simply looks at a far longer time period than the last 90 days… Perhaps even your entire history, which quite frankly is bonkers, if like me you have had health setbacks over the last year.

It’s worth pointing out that the FTP figure and how it’s been calculated has no bearing on what Zwiftpower category you should currently be using… That comes from your three best 20min efforts 95% of W/Kg figure in the last 90 days.