FTP User Profile

So, I just did the FTP 1 hour test yesterday for the first time. 

I read somewhere that after the completion of the ftp workout test, Zwift will automatically input my FTP score in my User Profile in Zwift. I checked and it was’t updated. It was blank as well as my “max heart rate.” 

Anyhow, I see the FTP data in my Garmin. And under Power, there are many data info. 

Question: Which data # do I use to input in my Zwift User Profile? Is it “Avg Power”, “Max Power”, “Max Avg Power 20min”, “normalized power”, or “FTP Setting?”

I’m thinking … maybe it’s the “FTP Setting” result. Is that correct? or no? 

Thank you for your help? 



I’m not familiar with the various sets of Garmin data, but - if I’m not mistaken - the value used by Zwift for setting your FTP after the test is:

0.95 x your 20 min average power = FTP 

Try that calculation using the “Max Avg Power 20 min” on the garmin and see what you get.

If ‘FTP Setting’ is an output based on your ride data, it should be close in value to what you get from the calculation above - but it might also be a 1 hr avg power number which wouldn’t necessarily reflect your true FTP when taking the Zwift test (because there are intervals of recovery between the warm ups + cool down at the end which obviously make your 1 hr avg power during the test significantly lower than an FTP calc based on 20 min max effort).


This is really helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. One question, Joe, when you do the zwift ftp tear, does it automatically update on the zwift user profile?


It would only update if it increased.