FTP tests - can you include the average "factored ftp" vs the real time average power?

LOVE that I can do an FTP test on Zwift, this has quite literally changed the face of training for me.  It is also, again literally, the hardest thing I do.  I’m at full gas during these tests, so can’t do calculations in my head.

My favorite is the 20 minute FTP test.  I like that it shows my average power during the 20 minute portion of the test, but I also no that my actual FTP will be lower than the number displayed, due to the calculations used to convert a 20 minute effort into an FTP.  For instance- my last test I had hoped to raise my FTP to 260.  I managed a 261 (wahoo!), but did so because my average power for the 20 minute segment was 275 watts.  

Would it be possible to have the display show your predicted FTP, versus the actual current average watts?  Or perhaps show both? (perhaps a format like avg power/current predicted FTP)

Best program ever!



I agree. I think that should be simply added. Either during or post workout display. Until then, 0.95% * FTP average.