Average Watts Displayed During Shorter FTP Test (20 min)

(Timothy Busick) #1

I just completed the Shorter FTP Test yesterday.

During the 20 min Test section, Average Watts are displayed.

These numbers seem lower than the power that I was at during the actual test, so I believe it is showing the Average Watts for the entire ride, including the warm-up and not just the average power during the 20 min section.

Not sure how the average power for the entire ride adds any value during an FTP test. Would it be possible to show the Average Power for just the 20 min test section?

A bonus would be to have it also display the 20 min power average from your last FTP test so you can have something to push for.


(Salvatore Iovene) #2

It’s displaying the average watts times 0.95, i.e. what your FTP looks like it’s going to be as you keep that wattage.

It’s confusing from Zwift’s side and they should fix it.

Either display the actual average watts, or label it “Projected FTP” or something!

(Timothy Busick) #3

That doesn’t seem to match up either. I was holding 280w during the test and 245w was displayed. When I finished the test my FTP was 267w. I would be fine if it was either projected FTP or actual power for the segment.

(Marc Nielsen) #4

I think just an average watts for any segment on a workout would be good.  Perhaps the FTP test could also should projected FTP (or show projected FTP instead).