FTP test does not seem record my avg watt correctly.

(Bruce Weinstein) #1

I did the 20 minute FTP test.  When finished Zwift it told me my FTP iis 175W.  However in Strava two things were noticed.

Uploading to Strava does not seem to work.  I had to import the fit file.  Once uploaded it showed my avg watts was 130W.  Yet the actual avg watts were shown on the screen as being 175W.  So why the discrepancy?

Dont seem to be getting training peaks data updated either. 

Any ideas?

Thank you.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Bruce, do you have a link to your strava activity we can check out?

(Bruce Weinstein) #3

Does this work?


(Jon Mayfield) #4

Works!   Looking at your 20 minute effort during the test the average power you put out is around 185 or 190w average during that section.  That would put your ftp at 175w (its the avg over the 20 minute test section times 95%).   

The average for the entire workout is meaningless as it includes cooldowns, warmups, etc.

(Bruce Weinstein) #5

Great!! For regular workouts does it calculate average watts?  If it did then would include the cooldowns, warmups etc which would not be indicative of the ride?

Also how do I understand all the different segments in Strava in relation to the course I rode in Zwift?  Is there any documentation in Zwift for this?

Is it also normal for it to show map?  That surprised me when I saw it.

(B urnt-Toast) #6

Anyone can make a segment in Strava, that is why there are 100’s of them on Watopia so there is also no documentation for it in Zwift since its a STRAVA thing