FTP Test & Results

Hello All - I did an FTP test today in Zwift and I have 2 questions please.

  1. The HUD was showing my real time average FTP during the 20 minute test yet when the final second second ticked over and the 20 minute test was complete, my final reported FTP was lower by approx. 15 watts. Is there a reason for that?
  2. Where do I go in Zwift to see my my final FTP score? I see the overall stats for the ride which includes the warm-up but I don’t see the FTP specific value. Any advice please?

Thank you.

Hi @Dino_Adamou

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  1. your FTP is 0.95 x your average 20 min.

  2. How to find your FTP: https://zwift.com/news/4100-zwift-how-to-understanding-finding-your-ftp/

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