Made FTP Test (shorter), but no FTP was set

Hi There, i’m new to ZWIFT and tried to set my FTP with a FTP Test. Therefore i performed the “FTP Shorter” Test and managed to finish it. Unfortunately i’m still missing my FTP? Its not set in my Profile (still zero there) and i cant remember that (and if yes which) FTP was shown at the end.

Is there a way to calculate the FTP afterwards from my event details or from an exported FIT file?
Link (not sure if accessable: /activity/1228327058417926144)

Thanks in advance!

I think you are in luck.

One of your CA Ride Activity screenshots shows your average FTP test power at 288w with only 5-10 seconds to go.

So I would suggest your FTP is 288 x 0.95 = 274w.


Thanks for your reply, allthough it makes me feel a little dump - could have figured this out by myself :smiley:
Anyway it would be interesting if this is a bug or missing feature (not updating the FTP automatically in the profile after the test)