Ftp result

I don’t seem to get notifications about my new ftp. In fact I didn’t even no they existed until chatting with a colleague who also zwift. Since if started zwift my fitness as definately been improving so why isn’t this happening?

Also, I did an ftp test (shorter) today and for the last minute I had my head down gritting my teeth and missed my final average power. Why didn’t it give some kind of result after I finished? I know it was around 235-240ish because that’s what it was bouncing around between for most of the effort, but why doesn’t it tell be the final result? After I save the ride It just returned to the home screen. Been searching around the zwift companion app… Can’t find any stat mentioning ftp. Clicking on the activity tells me the average power of the entire ride, not the 20minite free ride bit. Feel like I’ve just wasted an effort!

It can be that your FTP is set very high.

To check your FTP. See Zwift How-To: Understanding & Finding Your FTP | Zwift

Set it lower and Zwift should update it.


Go to workout mode and check your ftp.
Set it a bit lower then run a new ftp test.

Find your .fit file from your FTP test - on your computer, it is in


They are named by the date. Download and install Golden Cheetah, it is a free program. Import this .fit file from the File → import menu. It will calculate your CP from a fit to your workout’s power-duration curve. This is Golden Cheetah’s equivalent of FTP.

A more advanced option is to purchase a license of WKO5, it is much better supported and in some ways more advanced program, costs in the ballpark of $170, but you probably are not into deep analysis of your data yet.

If you were riding around 235-240-ish, and maintained this power all 20 mins, you FTP will be around 220 watt.