FTP test

The website says: t the end of the test, Zwift will display the option to update the FTP value on your profile with the one from the test. It didn’t do this for me. I don’t even know how to see my FTP value. What do I do now?


You can set your FTP in your profile (see the article below);  What I don’t know is if the test is lower than your current FTP value if it resets it to the lower value.


If your ftp is lower it won’t update the value.

“If your ftp is lower it won’t update the value.”

I’m sure this isn’t true.  Last year, I tested while I was feeling far less than 100% (recovering from a cold) and my FTP ended up being 2 W lower than the previous test.  My value was adjusted (lower) automatically and I had to reset it to the previous level manually.

To the OP: Did you fully complete the FTP test and save your ride at the end?