Original FTP test results

Is there a way to find what my original FTP was set at after the FTP test?  I adjusted it because I felt it was too low.  Now that I am almost done with the 12 week FTP builder, I want to compare my next test to my original results, but I don’t remember what that original number was.

i am trying to figure it out too. I would rather not have to download the data and look into the raw data to average my power.

They should introduce a “history” in the user profile. It would encourage continuous use seeing the levels you’ve progressed from as well as highlighting areas your training may not be working well.

Just trying to “bump” this thread - FTP HISTORY!!!

It would be fabulous to be able to see your FTP scores going back in time… to see how much you’ve progressed over time.


I really don’t understand why they don’t have this information available to the user.  We do pay for a service.  The data is in their system.  The history of all your rides are in their database and they display your past times while you ride.  So why not have it available?  Frustrating.

That would be 1) awesome, 2) extremely helpful.

tired of using 3 different apps to get all my information, Zwift, Polar Flow, and Kinetic Fit…


I use sport-tracks to track my data there i can manipulate compare and do all the fun things I want, I can also add in my real world riding data i can track my FTP/data from 10 years ago and compare it the latest ride I did. I also use Strava and Garmin connect. All of them together provide almost everything I need. i don’t think Zwift should try to fill this gap.  

There are multiple programs, sites and apps out there to help analyze data, because people have different needs not one will be good for all of us.


Terribly Frustrating.  I do a 20 minte FTP test and zero record of it.  No automatic update to my rider profile FTP status.

I got suckered into joining Strava in hopes of reviewing the test, but there’s no mention of FTP or interpretable data.

I can’t even find a chart of 20 minutes max effort x 95% equation to FTP number.  Anyone have success in finding this?



The closed I got to this is by using zwitfpower.com. But you need to do events/races.

My workaround these days is to edit the title of the activity in Strava… so instead of it just saying “Watopia” I add in something like Watopia FTP Test - 270.

then Strava becomes my record of FTP progression / (degression!).